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Patient Information

Preparing for surgery

If you and your surgeon have elected surgery, your surgeon's office will schedule your surgery at Plainfield Surgery Center for you. Your physician will also inform you if any pre-admission testing is required prior to your surgery. These tests may include x-rays, EKG or laboratory studies. Please be sure to complete pre-admission testing three to seven days before your surgery.

One week before surgery

A representative from Plainfield Surgery Center will contact you to conduct a pre-operative health assessment and obtain your medical history. She will also ask for your insurance information. Please feel free to ask any questions at this time.

The day before your surgery

On the day prior to your surgery, a member from our admissions team will follow-up to review your pre-operative instructions such as dietary restrictions or prescription use. She will also confirm your arrival time and answer any questions you may have about what to expect.

Day of your surgery

Whether your surgery will take place in the morning or afternoon, it is very important that you follow the pre-operative instructions on the day of your surgery. Failure to do so could cause your surgery to be delayed or cancelled.

Please arrive at the Plainfield Surgery Center at the time given to you by our pre-admissions nurse. Be sure to bring a complete, up-to-date list of the medications you are currently taking. Children are encouraged to bring a favorite toy or blanket with them. A responsible adult must accompany you the surgery center on the day of your surgery - and be able to drive you home afterward.

We offer convenient parking and easy access to the entrance of our building. Family members are encouraged to wait in our comfortable lobby that features a plasma tv, coffee, Wi-Fi and snacks.


One of the benefits of outpatient surgery is you return home the same day of your procedure. This way, your recovery continues in the comfort of your own home.

Upon discharge, we will provide written instructions for your recovery. A nurse will telephone you to monitor your progress. If you have any questions, our nurses are available Monday through Friday. You may also contact your on-call physician.

Responsibilities of the Patient

All patients are responsible for behavior, which shows respect and consideration for other patients, family, visitors, and personnel of the facility.

All patients are responsible for assuring that the financial obligations for healthcare rendered are paid in a timely manner.

All patients are responsible for their actions if they should refuse a treatment or procedure, or if they do not follow or understand the instructions given them by the physician or their healthcare team member.

All patients have the responsibility to provide the facility with an accurate past and present medical history about present complaints, past illinesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, supplements, advance directives, medical power of attorney, living wills and other pertinent data.

All patients have the responsibility to follow the recommended plan of treatment as given to him/her by the physician at the facility or other personnel authorized by the facility to so instruct patients.

All patients have the responsibility to provide a responsible adult to transport the patient home from the facility and remain with the patient for twenty-four hours, if required by the physician.

All patients are responsible for keeping their appointment for surgery. If they anticipate a delay or must cancel surgery, please notify the facility as soon as possible.

All patients are responsible for carrying out their pre-operative orders as supplied by the facility.

All patients are responsible for the disposition of their valuables, as the facility does not assume this responsibility.

Patient Bill of Rights

In recognition of the responsibility of this facility in the rendering of patient care, these rights are affirmed in the policies and procedures of the Plainfield Surgery Center, LLC.

All patients have a right...

To be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity.

To obtain the name and function of any person providing services to you.

To be provided with the appropriate privacy.

To expect that all disclosures and records be treated confidentially, except when required by law, and to be given the opportunity to approve or refuse their release.

To be provided, the degree known, complete information concerning their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to a patient, the information is provided to a person designated by the patient to be a legally authorized person.

To be given opportunity to participate in decisions involving their healthcare, except when participation is contraindicated for medical reasons.

To receive from his/her physician information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment, except in emergencies. Such information for informed consent should include the specific procedure and/or treatment, significant medical risks involved, and the probable duration of incapacitation. Where significant alternatives for medical care or treatment exist, or when the patient requests information concerning medical alternatives, the patient has the right to such information and the consequences of not complying with therapy. The patient has the right to know the name of the person responsible for the procedures and/or treatment.

To refuse treatment and be informed of consequences of refusing treatment.

To be informed as to:

  • Expected Conduct and Responsibilities as a Patient.
  • Services available from the Facility.
  • Provisions for After-Hours and Emergency Care.
  • Fees for Services
  • Payment Policies
  • Methods for expressing Grievance and Suggestions to the Facility.

All patients have the right to file a formal grievance if they have concerns about the quality and/or safety of the care they have received. You may contact verbally or in writing the following:

Plainfield Surgery Center Administrator

The Illinois Department of Public Health
525 W. Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor
Springfield, Illinois 62761-0001

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Our Policy on Advance Directives

Advance Directive allows each patient to make their own decisions regarding the care they would receive if they develop a terminal illness or suffer a life-threatening injury. They can also designate someone to make decisions about the patient's medical care if the patient becomes unable to do so.

Unlike a hospital, a surgery center does not routinely perform high-risk procedures on patients with life threatening conditions. We expect our patients to have their procedures and to return home the same day. Therefore, the surgery center does not honor advance directives. We are happy to send a copy of those directives with the patient to the hospital if a patient transfer becomes necessary.

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